The Prettiest Girls in the World Live in Des Moines

Home. We all have one. A place from which we come.

For Susan and Laura Unser, though, home is a bleak Iowa farmhouse full of terrible memories that they never intended to return to. A place haunted by memories of death and loss. A corrupt and cruel place.

Susan tried her best to take of her little sister, Laura, in the years following their mother’s death. She nurtured and looked after her. She taught her what she could. She sheltered her, going so far as to sacrifice her own happiness in an effort to protect her.

But it wasn’t enough.

Now, their estranged father has died, and they must return to the home from which they fled. While there, old wounds will be opened and secrets will be revealed. This journey into their past will determine the future of their lives.

The Prettiest Girls in the World Live in Des Moines is a story of sisterhood, forgiveness, understanding, and healing. As the Unser sisters reveal their secrets to one another, they begin to understand each other more than ever before. Through this process, they’ll develop a bond stronger than anything they’ve known before, while resetting their lives and identities.

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