How This Blog Works

I just wanted to clarify this on the record, and now’s a good time.

The vast majority of posts on this blog are going to be categorized according to Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.


These posts are about a person/people about whom I have something to say.


These posts are predominately reviews. It could be a book, an album, a film or tv series, a product, or an experience. I like sharing stuff I like, and explaining why I like it, so it’s pretty natural for me to write reviews of various things.

Occasionally I’ll sneak in some What I’m Working On posts as well.


I’m probably never going to write a memoir, but I have had an interesting life and have visited a ton of places. So I’m going to reminisce about my travels here. It might be an entire city, or a specific establishment. But rest assured, it’s a place.


Similarly, these posts will recount specific episodes of my life that I feel like sharing and reminiscing about. Pretty self-explanatory.


When I start a post with “Why” it’s probably a justification of something or an explanation of my personal philosophy or outlook on a general topic. Personal manifestos, if you will.


How entries are reserved for instructional and/or purely informational posts.

So, there you have it. Not sure if it’s helpful information or not, but it is information nevertheless.

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