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What I’m Working On— On This Date, Some Year’s Back

I’ve decided to resurrect a past project of mine.

In the coming months, I’m going to compile a 12 book nonfiction series to be called On This Date, Some Years Back.

Each book will cover one calendar month, and there will be at least one brief essay about a little-known, bizarre, or otherwise interesting bit of world history for each day of that month.

I like to think of it as fun, bite-size bits of history that don’t typically get talked about or are oversimplified when they do come up. I also like to explore events such as religious miracles and scientific blunders. Did you know that an entire village in Portugal witnessed the sun dancing around in the sky in 1917, or that for over 50 years astronomers searched for a planet called Vulcan between Mercury and the Sun?

That’s the type of stuff I want to explore.

I hope to have all 12 volumes published by year’s end. I’m also considering making the entire series a Kindle exclusive where it will be available for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. I want to utilize the Kindle Unlimited platform for something, and figure this would be a perfect test for it.

Stay tuned for more updates. Follow any of my social media accounts or this blog, or sign up for my mailing list, for all of the latest information.

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